God’s Great Love for Orphans

Orphans Promise is spreading the love of God throughout the world. Its mission is to partner with local outreaches around the world to provide holistic care to help orphaned and vulnerable children reach their highest potential. This week we sit with Karen Springs to discuss what God has done.

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Serving in the Land of Israel

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For nearly 5 years, CBN Israel has been a team of wonderful Israelis who are dedicated to their wonderful work.
Each recipient of love, care and hope is directly impacted by the blessings and gifts given.



Earthly Fathers

When we look around at the imperfect world we live in, it doesn’t take any kind of special genius to figure out that the people who are in positions of authority in our lives are not as perfect as we would like them to be. No matter what level of…...

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A Hand Up Was All Ron Needed

Ron and Oded are two young men who grew up in very difficult family situations in Israel.  Their hard family lives led to them making a series of negative decisions that was setting both young men on paths of destruction. Our families department at CBN Israel learned about their situation and…...

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God’s Struggle

What a strange concept, for God to “struggle.” How can we believe in an all-powerful God and at the same time assert that He struggles. The story of Abraham and Isaac seem to be fairly smooth when you look at the life of Jacob. Jacob struggles even before he is…...

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