Celebrating Year 5778

It’s time to reflect on the year past, and to envision the year to come. Watch as CBN Israel’s Director Yoel Shoshani explains the importance of Rosh HaShanah for believers here in the Land of Israel.

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Serving in the Land of Israel

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For nearly 5 years, CBN Israel has been a team of wonderful Israelis who are dedicated to their wonderful work.
Each recipient of love, care and hope is directly impacted by the blessings and gifts given.



Disarming Your Enemy

How often you think of life in terms of “warfare” or “conflict”? As we enter into a spiritual understanding of life with God, we understand that there is a very real war that is going on in and around us. We are imperfect people living among the imperfect, and yet…...

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Israel- A Nation of Overcomers

Have you ever heard the story of the “Unsinkable Molly Brown”? Against all odds, this woman prevailed and found a way not only to stay alive in the face of the impending danger of the sinking Titanic, but to help others to overcome their obstacles and live. This is the…...

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Hoshana Rabba- The Final Day of Succoth

The last day of Succoth is Hoshana Rabba (“the Great Salvation”). The week-long feast commemorated the care of God during Israel’s time in the wilderness, when they dwelt in temporary dwellings. John chapter 7 is about Jesus going up to Jerusalem for the Feast of Succoth.  To understand culturally how…...

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