The Greatest Battle in History

“When God brings painful events into your life, and He’s bringing you through a path of suffering, there is a sovereignty that He has allowed things to happen and He will bring you to a place of victory on the other side as long as you are submitted to His will and not fighting for your own.”- Daniel Carlson

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Serving in the Land of Israel

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For nearly 5 years, CBN Israel has been a team of wonderful Israelis who are dedicated to their wonderful work.
Each recipient of love, care and hope is directly impacted by the blessings and gifts given.



CBN Israel Celebrates Early Passover with Group of Single Mothers

Just two weeks and counting till all of Israel celebrates the first of the Lord’s spring feasts– The Passover. At this time,  Jewish mothers spend countless hours scouring cupboards, scrubbing floors and shining a light on every corner of the home in search for any hidden crumbs of leavened bread. Soon,…...

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Freedom is the Goal

We are approaching the Feast of Passover when all of Israel will recall to mind their ancestors exit from Egypt. This was a historical event that took place, but there is a deeper meaning inside the story which we all can relate to. It is the process of our own…...

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What Kind of Woman Will You Be?

When my husband and I and our three kids moved to Israel from the Former Soviet Union, we came with nothing. Though I had a degree in engineering, it was of no use to me without knowing the Hebrew language or the culture. I felt paralyzed by the challenges. Many days…...

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