Set Free From a Financial Nightmere

*Vera’s husband was the main bread winner for their family. He was in charge of the family’s finances. So when he decided to walk away, all the responsibility fell suddenly on Vera. At that time, Vera’s mother, who lived outside of Israel, became ill and was in need of home care assistance. Vera couldn’t imagine abandoning her widowed mother the way she had felt abandoned. So she sent her what little she had to help her get the care that she needed. But as a newly single mother, the financial burden was more than she could shoulder. 

When funds began to dry up, she took out a loan to cover her minus in the bank. Then she took out another loan to help her with monthly expenses. The debts she owed and the interest that accrued with them began to swallow every shekel that she worked hard for. Vera soon found herself in a financial nightmare; one of which she couldn’t wake up from on her own.

It was then that a friend told her of the work of CBN Israel. When the staff met with Vera, she was so thankful to know that help was on it’s way. A donation was given to close out one loan and the staff began assisting in reducing her interest with the other. As struggles with various institutions arose, the staff were present to defend Vera and get her the help she deserved.

With great gratitude, Vera shared with the staff, “You can’t imagine what you did for me. It was a miracle! I can hardly believe it! I had lost hope, but it was right in the time of Passover that you came and helped me out of my dessert! I was struggling alone, trying even to find someone who would care to listen to what I was going through. But many people didn’t know how to help me, so I learned to keep quiet. But you came and asked and you asked with sincerity. You didn’t just say you would pray, but you prayed for practical ideas of how to act on my behalf.”

Today, Vera is able to make payments towards her debt as well as afford her monthly expenses. And she has become a part of CBN Israel’s community for single mothers in her local area. 

“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.”- Isaiah 1:17

In Israel, many single mothers know all too well the nightmare that Vera experienced. That is why CBN Israel seeks to not only assist widows and single mothers with their financial struggles, but also to provide education through financial training seminars. Through these seminars, attendees learn how to avoid financial pitfalls, godly principles for stewarding money and how to work with the financial institutions specifically in Israel. These are all made possible through the prayers and support of those who give generously to CBN Israel. Become a partner and make a difference in Israel today! 

*Names altered for privacy


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English Class for Children of Single Mothers a Huge Success

Though English is a mandatory subject in Israeli schools, many times a tutor is needed in order for the children to keep up with the fast paced education system in a class of thirty students. Most Israeli children learn Hebrew in addition to their native language, making it even more challenging to add English to the mix. For the past six months, the staff of CBN Israel have been exploring the possibility of providing English tutoring for the children of single mothers in Jerusalem. However, several obstacles, including the provision of a suitable meeting space, have prohibited it’s beginning.

After encountering road block after road block, the staff began to pray that God would intervene. It was then the breakthrough came. A prayer center in Jerusalem generously offered an available room where the children can meet. A believing young man, fresh out of the Israeli army, had both the heart and skills necessary to tutor the children. CBN’s Orphan’s Promise provided funding for these classes, enabling the students to attend for free. 

On Thursday, April 26th, the children attended their first lesson. David began with introductions as the teacher and then engaged with them, learning who they are and where they were at in their studies. For nearly two hours, he captivated the children’s attention as he brought learning to life using interactive tools such as games and music. 

“This is so much more fun than our English class at school”, one of the students exclaimed. “This is so good!” the class agreed unanimously. One mother of a student who sat in on the class for the purpose of observation remarked, “I wish I didn’t have to work next week. I want to attend the class too!”

Your donations make a difference! Hundreds of children, single mothers and Holocaust Survivors have received on-going love and care thanks to those who invest in the work of CBN Israel. If you have a heart for Israel and desire to see lives changed, partner with us

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A Full House

*Subira’s world suffered an earthquake the day her husband left her for another woman. All at once, she was forced to face giants she never imagined ever needing to fight. How would she provide for her and her son’s needs without him? How could she be asked to fill all the holes he left behind when her own heart needing refilling? 

In the midst of adjusting to life as a single mother, Subira suffered kidney disease and needed to undergo surgery for a transplant. This meant many weeks of recovery and the inability to work. But the bills still arrived on time though there was no one who could pay them. While Subira recovered from surgery, her debt began to grow. 

It was in the midst of her distress that Subira learned of the work of CBN Israel. She reached out for help and began to meet with the financial adviser. During their meetings, the staff learned that the needs were great. Subira was not only in need of financial support, she needed emotional support as well. And it wasn’t only Subira who suffered. Her son lacked a bed to sleep in and a dresser to store his clothing. His bedroom was a constant reminder of his home without his father.  Empty. 

“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”- James 1:27

The staff of CBN Israel began helping the family by meeting one need at a time. Subira was given food vouchers and a donation towards reducing her debt. She was invited to be a part of the group of single mothers in her local community where she could regularly receive prayer and encouragement. And furniture was bought to fill the little boy’s bedroom. *Daniel now has a bed, a dresser, a desk and even a laptop for aiding him in his homework.

“I am so blessed to have met you”, Subira shared with the staff. “I feel so filled up and I now have a family with CBN Israel”. 

It is because of those who give generously to CBN Israel that enables us to give generously to others. If you desire to make a real difference in real peoples lives here in Israel, partner with us today! 

*Names were altered for privacy.

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Single Mother Clearly Sees God as Her Provider

*Aviva felt panic as she fumbled through her purse searching for her new pair of expensive multi-focal glasses. She checked and re-checked the same pockets over and over again. “Where can they be? I must find them”, she thought to herself. She began retracing her steps in her mind of every office she had cleaned that day. Being unable to see either near nor far without these specialized glasses, her world in that moment was a blur. 

As Aviva was looking rather puzzled, she encountered a woman she recognized as a staff member of CBN Israel. “Do you need some help?” the woman asked.  “Yes”, Aviva replied. “I’ve seemed to have lost my glasses, and I don’t know where they could be.” “Let me notify the rest of the staff and see what we can do to help you”, the woman stated with a smile. 

Aviva sat down and began thinking of what would happen if she was unable to locate her glasses. She remembered how much the last pair had cost her, and as a single mother, she didn’t earn enough to afford a replacement. But how could she work or live without them? Even in that moment she could barely see well enough to carry on in her work of cleaning. There was only one thing she knew to do and that was to pray. 

When the staff of CBN Israel received the message that Aviva was in need of glasses, the decision was made to request help from partners to replace the ones that were lost. Within just a few days, donations began to come in. Aviva was notified to visit the office of a believing optometrist who would help her with a new pair of glasses- all expenses paid for. What Aviva didn’t see coming were the multiple blessings God had in store for her. 

The optometrist not only gave her one pair of new eye glasses, but two! And in addition, she was given a pair of multi-focal sunglasses. She received three for the price of one! What once had appeared to be an impossible situation, God used as an opportunity to abundantly bless His child. 

The next time Aviva visited the office of CBN Israel, she was beaming with joy in her beautiful, new pair of glasses. “I am so grateful for what God has done for me”, she said, “and for all the help of CBN Israel.” 

*Name altered for privacy. 

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CBN Israel Celebrates Early Passover with Group of Single Mothers

Just two weeks and counting till all of Israel celebrates the first of the Lord’s spring feastsThe Passover. At this time,  Jewish mothers spend countless hours scouring cupboards, scrubbing floors and shining a light on every corner of the home in search for any hidden crumbs of leavened bread. Soon, Israeli houses and streets will be filled with Jews and Christians from around the world who have come to participate in observing this sacred holiday. 

In the midst of the busyness and preparations for this great feast, CBN Israel invited a group of single mothers and their children to participate in a evening of fellowship where their souls could be refreshed. Twenty-seven woman came. When everyone had arrived, and the steam was still rising from the freshly prepared food, staff member Arik asked those who were present, ‘What would you prefer we do first? To eat physical food or spiritual food?’ Unanimously the ladies agreed that they had all come hungry for fellowship with God and with each other.

After a time of worship, Arik gave a strong message on how to get out of a spiritual desert. “Yeshua paid a high price for our freedom and He wants us to live in that freedom.” Arik stated. “The number one way to get free from our bondage is to draw closer to God. From that place comes thankfulness, worship and a desire to give. When we give, we express the nature of God who has generously given so much to us.” 

The women were affirmed in their identity, not in their status as single mothers, but in who they are in Messiah, Yeshua. One woman shared in response, “I have been feeling stuck in my relationship with God. But I know God is waiting for me to come to Him. This message really inspired me and helped me with what I need to do to get free.” 

When the women had received a hearty meal of spiritual food, they were then served a buffet of homemade quiches, salads and drinks. In this environment, the women were able to reconnect and strengthen their relationships with one another. Before the meeting came to a close, the ladies were lavished with presents to take with them such as holiday gift cards and blankets which were generously provided through our partners. 

We at CBN Israel believe that we are called to strengthen the Body of Messiah here in the Land of Israel. One of the ways we accomplish that goal is by providing physical, spiritual, emotional and financial support to the local Body of believers. Because of our generous donors, single mothers, Holocaust Survivors, believing entrepreneurs and many more have received aid in their time of need. Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us? 


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Chinese Celebrate New Year With Group of Single Mothers

The celebration of the Chinese New Year is one of the world’s most prominent and celebrated festivals with the largest annual mass of human migration. On Monday, February 19th, a group from China came to celebrate their new year with CBN Israel and a group of single mothers in Jerusalem. These thoughtful men and women came only with a desire to serve with no expectations to receive anything in return. For them, as believers in Yeshua, their joy was in their giving.  

“In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.”- Acts 20:35


With the interior of Beit Sar Shalom all tastefully decorated in red posters with Chinese symbols, the group introduced everyone present to some noteworthy aspects of their culture and history. “There are many words in the Chinese language that have biblical meanings”, the group leader stated. She and the team then went on to teach the moms and their children how to write their names in the Chinese language. For the children, this was a highlight of the evening. 

Afterwards, the women were entertained with songs as they savored the taste of homemade, authentic, Chinese food which the group had spent the afternoon preparing. Salmon, salads, egg soup and of course, the famous item-white rice were all a part of the menu. 

At the end of the meeting, each of the woman and children were presented with a blessing unique to each of them which was written in the Chinese language. The women were very grateful for all the love that was shown and the hard work that had gone into the preparations for the evening.

Through the ongoing work of CBN Israel, there are many ways to get involved in caring for widows and single mothers throughout Israel. To partner with us or for more information, contact us at: 

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A Matter of Life Or Death

*Chaiya was pregnant with her second child and was among the protesters in a pro-abortion rally when she met *Shoshi from the organization, Be’ad Chaim. “If you keep the baby, we will help you”, Shoshi told her. Chaiya was young and unhappy with life. She had already suffered so much, how could she possibly add another child to the mix of her struggles? But Shoshi’s words played over in her mind and compelled her to pursue the offer. Because of Shoshi and the help of Be’ad Chaim, Chaiya’s baby is alive today. 

Last week, the staff of CBN Israel were invited to speak to a group of mothers who have all declined abortion with the help of Be’ad Chaim. Chaiya and her two small children were among those who came. Staff member Arik Peled shared his personal story of how he too faced difficulties in his life as a child and young adult. He suffered abuse and parental absence which caused him to look to other means to fill his needs. But one day, Arik realized his life was his own responsibility and the decisions he made would affect his personal future. He could no longer blame others for the life he lived. His choices were his to bear. Arik went on to give examples for the women of ways they can start taking control of their lives, giving them hope for a better future. 

After the meeting, several of the women shared how the message had impacted them. Chaiya however, was in tears. “That message was very deep”, she said. “It was as if everything you shared was just for me”. 

Chaiya related to Arik’s personal story as she too suffered abuse from a family member, causing her to leave home at a young age. She wanted to blame others for her struggles, but after hearing Arik’s message, she desires to take responsibility for her life and the choices she makes for her children. 

Chaiya needs our prayers as she still has a challenging road ahead of her. Pray with us that she will have courage to act out the message she heard and to forgive all those who have hurt her. 

Thank you for all your prayers and support as we at CBN Israel, seek to make a difference. 

*Names altered for privacy

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Superbook Makes Life-Changing Impact On Son of Single Mother

*Alex is the son of *Maria, a single mother from the Former Soviet Union, who works hard just to pay rent in their low-income neighborhood. Her small budget can’t afford extra-curricular activities which so many Israeli children enjoy. When Alex was invited by CBN Israel’s partner to join their free after school program, he and his mother were both grateful for the opportunity. What they didn’t know, was how this opportunity would change their lives.

Part of the after school program included watching a half hour episode of Superbook in Russian. Week after week, Alex drank in the message of God’s love and saw it worked out in the lives of the program leaders. At times, these leaders would invite all the children to join them on trips to amusement parks or for walks on hiking trails, with all expenses paid for. For Alex, there was something different and special about these people who believed in God. 

One afternoon, after seeing a Superbook episode, Alex prayed a very sincere prayer to God. His heart was moved by all that he had seen and experienced. As Alex grew in his faith, his behavior began to change. The changes in Alex’s life were so evident, that his mother took notice. 

“Over the course of a year, I really saw my son become a different person”, she said. “Even people we know commented to me how much he had changed for the good”. 

When Maria saw what God had done in her son’s life, she wanted to experience Him in her life also. She prayed and has since been reading God’s word with Alex every night so they can grow in their faith together.

Maria loves Superbook so much and is so grateful for how it impacted her son, that now she volunteers her time to teach Superbook to others.

*Names altered for privacy.

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One Small Act Can Make a Big Difference

In Israel, Whatsapp and email are two of the main means of communication. Teachers use Whatsapp and email to send updates to parents. Employers use these platforms to share information with their staff. For Jews who make Aliyah (immigration) to Israel, Whatsapp is an excellent way to stay connected with family though they are dispersed around the world. And for CBN Israel, Whatsapp is a great way to stay easily connected with the single mothers in Jerusalem. These woman can now share their prayer requests, updates, praise reports, words of encouragement or news as they please. But when all the other names of the single mothers were added, Eva’s information couldn’t be found.

It was then that staff member, Veronica Klein, learned of a very real need that this single mother had. In a phone conversation, Eva shared how she felt paralyzed by technology. Something seemingly simple such as setting up a personal email on her own felt intimidating and overwhelming to her. And her embarrassment kept her from asking anyone for help.
Veronica visited with Eva and began walking her through the process of learning how to use her phone and computer. They worked together on setting her up with Whatsapp and an email address. When Eva understood how to use these platforms, she couldn’t find words to express her gratitude. What may seem for some like a small and insignificant act, it can make a world of difference to another.

Eva is one of hundreds of single mothers who receive on-going help and care through CBN Israel because of those who believe in and donate to our work. Help us serve single mothers in Israel by giving a gift today!

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Raise Your Expectation

A few weeks ago, *Ofir, one of the single mothers who is a refugee in Israel, shared with our staff that she was moving and was in need of furniture. She had a list of very specific items she was hoping for. Our staff informed her that it is very rare that we have furniture donated to us to distribute, and even then, what we receive is often well used. Ofir was not discouraged. She replied, “well, if you hear of anything, just let me know!” 

A few days later, our staff received a phone call from a woman who was helping a friend that was leaving the country. “We have some beautiful furniture to give away”, she said. “Do you know a single mother who could use it?” As she went on to describe the items she was giving away, we were amazed that they perfectly matched with what Ofir desired!

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” – Philippians 4:19

Isn’t it true that many times, we turn to God for provision when we are desperate, when we have no other option, which leads us to have faith for something very basic, small and simple?

Although we do need to be content in every situation (as Paul says in Philippians 4:12), it is also true that God’s heart as a father is to give His children the very best.  Sometimes God wants to bless us with things that are beyond our basic needs.

“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!”- Mathew 7:11.

We need to know that our God is a GOOD father and we can be bold to ask for things in our lives. Like Ofir, we can boldly approach our loving Heavenly father with confidence and lay before him our needs, hopes and desires.

*Name altered for privacy.

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